Why you need to travel solo for at least a few times in your life

We live in a society built for couples.

If you receive some show tickets as a gift, they are mostly for two. Trips and hotel bookings usually expect you to bring along a partner or friend, otherwise, you have to pay an extra fee for a single room (yeah, you pay MORE if you travel alone).

In some places, you cannot go alone to a restaurant for dinner without earning some pitiful glances.

Undoubtfully, life is made of those little things worth sharing, and while one might enjoy his/her own company, there is no other thing compared to sharing those beautiful moments with someone else.

Still, there seems to be a big problem in our society with solo travelers, eaters, opera visitors.

Those people who are alone not because of their free will but rather life’s circumstances are put into the cubicle of pity and embarrassment.

As it already can be hard for many to be alone, this stigma often prevents those people from further enjoying their life even without a partner or group of friends.

On the other hand, others, that are in need of some solitude or simply enjoy their loneliness are usually confronted with questions asking about why they are alone or earn curious or even pitiful looks when sitting in a bar enjoying a drink or traveling to a resort where one can find mostly couples.

This way of thinking is preventing people from living a life of fulfilment and individuality and is something that has to change, and luckily, is slowly changing.

Traveling solo is will allow you to do all those things in a different, new place where no-one knows you and where you can truly be who you want to be. It can be the first step of trespassing boundaries put upon you by society, friends, and family. It will allow you to grow exceeding your own limitations.

While traveling alone you are the one and only person responsible for yourself. There is no-one else to carry your baggage, choose and book your accommodation, decide on what or where to eat or cope with difficult situations. You can dress the way you want without being worried of what people might think — because frankly speaking — you don’t know them and most likely won’t ever see them again. You can even act the way you want (although I strongly urge people to act and behave how you would want people to behave around you). Traveling solo can actually be a test run of a more fulfilled life, a life closer to who we really are and how we want to live.

You are completely on your own and that is where the beauty lies.

Most of us live in situations, where the biggest part of our lives is organized for us by someone else.

We live lives of strict schedules, already walked pathways, of tutorials, decisions, and opinions heavily dependant on those of the people surrounding us.

Even our school systems don’t usually leave much space for individuality and self-expression, but that might be a topic for another blog post.

We might have a close circle of friends, a stable surrounding and a familiar routine. We go to work and see the same faces over and over again, repeating our patterns and habits.

Leaving on your solo journey will allow to liberate yourself completely from those views, opinions, paths, and schedules.

You are your own boss, even if it is for only a few days a year. You are on your own to solve difficulties which might occur. As you most likely won’t be able to follow your daily routine and old habits, you will be able to distance yourself from them and actually try new things. This widening of your horizons will allow you to grow as a human being and be more critical towards your habits, allowing you to completely skip the negative ones completely over time.

There is nothing more beautiful and healthy than leaving your comfort zone and open yourself to new and unpredictable experiences.

And most important: You will learn to be alone with your thoughts.

Curiously, it seems that most of the people are avoiding exactly that possibility. Almost like the prospect of having to deal with all the devils, negative patterns and thoughts are what scares some people the most.

Unnecessary to say, exactly this is what many people actually need in order to overcome those thinking patterns and grow as human beings.

Traveling solo, without familiar people around us is forcing us to leave the comfort zone and be alone with our thoughts, which in turn forces us to cope with them and eventually will lead to growth. This, in turn, will actually lead over time to us enjoying our own company.

And only if we fully enjoy our own company, can we become a good company for someone else.

If you feel like this is something which resonates but you are struggling with doing the first step, you can drop me a message.

There are also many free resources for solo traveling and many groups where people are supporting each other. Just look up Solo Travelling on Facebook.

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