It won’t make you rich, but it might make you happier

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As someone quite interested in the crypto world, but considering myself to be a newbie when it comes to cryptos, getting into the blockchain world wasn’t easy at first. The internet is full of different articles on a variety of coins, self-proclaimed crypto gurus and rocket riding dogs. Yet the world is changing and undeniably so, with blockchain technology bringing in very promising changes to the horizon.

Being very curious about new technologies and decentralized everything, I couldn’t keep my hands off researching more about that revolution and how…

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Being quarantined at home for two weeks sounded terrifying at first.

Yet it never occurred to me, that being forcibly isolated and confined to your space and thoughts could have such a healing effect.

I have been struggling with anxiety for quite some time now.
For those who don’t know what anxiety is: It’s a reaction to stress. Racing heart, sweaty hands, difficulty breathing and concentrating included.

Most people experience anxiety in stressful moments throughout their lives for a short period of time. Others can’t break the loop of worry and overthinking and it slowly turns into an anxiety disorder.

Or ruining, it is?

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Recently I have noticed how I fell back to patterns I managed to get rid of at some point in my life. Yet some change of routine and unforeseen experiences moved me closed to a “me” I’m not quite happy with.

I don’t condemn my comfort zone. After all, it is there for me when none else is.
Coming home after a long day, stressed, tired, in need of some quick and tasty soul food, a series rewatch or other guilty pleasures, it often appears in form of cosy sofas, freshly made beds or simply comfy…

Or why I haven’t used my phone out of silence mode for the last 5+ years.

Photo by Cameron Stow on Unsplash

I have stumbled across San Do’s article on his experiment on quitting social media on his phone for a month and couldn’t relate more.

Have you ever taken out your phone and ended up in a social media app without actually knowing why?

San Do vividly describes what we all probably have sinned at, some point or another — pointless scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, procrastinating things we want to do, not paying attention about what is happening right outside and in front of…

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Another year is nearly over. We worked, we had fun, we struggled, we learned new skills and we have grown as human beings.

But what are we — wooden logs slowly being driven by the current of life’s river or are we fish, choosing our own direction?

With the fast lifestyle we have, it is often hard to keep track of all the things that matter.

Maybe you have previously written a “New-Years-Goals-List” for this year. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you accomplished more than you ever expected to. That’s all good.

Nonetheless, one particular practice always ensures I know where…

We live in a society built for couples.

If you receive some show tickets as a gift, they are mostly for two. Trips and hotel bookings usually expect you to bring along a partner or friend, otherwise, you have to pay an extra fee for a single room (yeah, you pay MORE if you travel alone).

In some places, you cannot go alone to a restaurant for dinner without earning some pitiful glances.

Undoubtfully, life is made of those little things worth sharing, and while one might enjoy his/her own company, there is no other thing compared to sharing those…

Want to have more time and clarity in your life? Unclutter.

By Daria Shevtsova on Negative Space

Old Grease DVD’s, 15 year old postcards, those shoes you tell yourself you will wear eventually for 5 years straight, the Harry Potter series in all languages or that Portuguese vase you were gifted which actually doesn’t even match your style — it all hopefully served you a purpose at some point in your life, taught you something or at least made you smile or provoked at least some kind of emotion. …

Do you work for your money?

What does it mean to be financially independent?

Many would consider it to be a state in which you can afford to pay your rent, expenses and have a constant flow of money.

Others would suggest it to be the amount of time you can live off without working, living off the passive income you generate by intelligently managing your money.

For me it’s both of the above mentioned plus the possibility to move around and live wherever I wish to be at that moment, having enough time to pursue my hobbies and to…

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